Thursday, March 15, 2007

SxSW in my office

The internet is SO cool - even if you can't be at the legendary South by Southwest music festival (happening in music mecca Austin, Texas right now,) you can feel like you're there thanks to the miracle technology of live streams and free internet radio. My favorite coverage so far is Minneapolis's The Current radio station, who is broadcasting live all day today and tomorrow. I'm listening to an exclusive Current set with The Sights right now, but I'm most excited about Andrew Bird tomorrow at 1:45 p.m. (Central time).

If you're new to the awesomeness that is SxSW, it's basically just a HUGE music festival - this year, over 1,300 bands (yes, you read that right) will perform in over 60 venues throughout downtown Austin. It's pretty much the gold standard for indie music festivals in this country.

For a fuller schedule, visit NPR's Web site. But be warned: It's a little complicated and I haven't actually figured out how to listen to live feeds there yet. (According to smarter people than I: "The site culls performances hosted by NPR member stations (KCRW in Santa Monica, Calif.; KUT in Austin, WFUV in New York, KEXP in Seattle and WXPN in Philadelphia)."

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