Thursday, March 08, 2007

Really cookin'

I've mentioned a few of my desert-island discs before, and I just thought of another one: G. Love's Philadelphonic. I first heard it on a bus in the English countryside and I have never loved America (and especially Philadelphia) more than at that moment. There's just something so appealing about G. Love's blend of blues, funk, and white-boy rap - he just makes you happy.

Well, his latest album, called Lemonade, came out last summer, but I've just gotten around to listening to it today. So far, I really like what I hear. This is a PERFECT summer album - it's sunny and funky and fun. If you live in a warm climate, check it out now. If, like me, you're still looking at a foot of snow, it might be better to save this one. But don't forget about it!

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