Monday, October 27, 2008

Know that maybe I will be OK

Autumn is an excellent time to listen to Ingrid Michaelson, so her new CD Be OK coulndn't be more perfectly timed. This collection of new songs, covers and live performances benefits the national Stand Up to Cancer campaign. Unfortunately, this means that it's not available for DRM-free download anywhere. But it's well worth the trek to the store for a physical copy.

You can listen to two of the tracks at Michaelson's MySpace page, including the toe-tapping title track, which reveals the influence of Mika's "Love Today" in it, if I'm not mistaken. There's also the harmonic masterpiece "You and I" which sounds a little like something from the Dan in Real Life soundtrack (a high compliment from me, as you know.)

Other highlights from the album include a mournful cover of "Over the Rainbow" and "The Chain" live from Webster Hall. In general, this album has a sadder, more sober sound to it than her ebullient debut CD and somehow, that suits me just fine. Get the CD. You'll have some great music and you'll help a charity at the same time.