Monday, February 19, 2007

Stupidly Happy

My motto for 2007 (I heart 2007) dovetails nicely with one of my favorite songs ("Stupidly Happy") from one of my favorite albums (XTC's Wasp Star: Apple Venus Vol. 2<).

"Stupidly Happy" is currently the song of the week on XTC's MySpace page. Go there to listen to it in its entirety and read an interview with XTC's Andy Partridge about how it came into being.

My favorite quote from the interview?

"I guess, when I write a song, I sometimes have other bands in mind as a template. Not as a stealing thing, but you're doing your own little Sistine Chapel, and you use bits of songs by other bands as some sort of scaffolding to help you up there while you're doing your own thing."


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