Thursday, February 01, 2007

The new wave of New Wave

Although it hasn't officially been released yet, the debut album from British phenom Lily Allen has been all over the internet since last summer, so I'm in the unusual position of being late to jump on the bandwagon of an album that hasn't been released. (In case you needed further proof that the Digital Age has peaked.)

Anyhow, AOL is streaming the whole album until next Tuesday, and I've really been rocking it out at work. Critics always use the word "reggae" to describe Allen's sound, which sort of turned me off intially. (I mean, come on... when has white girl reggae ever been a good idea?) But this is reggae as filtered through Blondie or the Police - reggae with a total 80s New Wave thing going on - it's so happy! You can't not bop along, even when the lyrics you're bopping along to are surprisingly sharp.

Also, check out Allen's MySpace page, and don't miss her as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this weekend (Drew Barrymore hosts).

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