Thursday, February 22, 2007

And the 'love' just keeps comin'...

A co-worker recently gave me a copy of the "new" Beatles album, Love. I know it's been blogged to death, but I wanted to put the official Lost Things Found stamp of approval on it. Amazing.

First of all, to have the audacity to listen to some of the greatest albums of all time and think, "Wouldn't it be better if we put 'Back in the USSR' before 'While My Guitar' (as producers George and Giles Martin did) takes some real moxie. (Although if anyone was going to feel confident in this role, it would be George Martin, the Beatles' legendary producer.) What's so incredible is how the final product, rather than watering down the original impact of the music, makes the songs sound even MORE vital, even MORE revolutionary than they did upon first hearing. This album actually sounds like the complex solution to some huge cosmic riddle.

The feeling I get when listening to this exquisite mash-up of Beatles songs is something like the feeling all those rabbis must have gotten when they applied code-breaking technology to the Torah and discovered the names of famous rabbis throughout history.

Who would ever have thought that you could superimpose "The Word" onto "Baby, You Can Drive My Car" and they would create a new sound that's almost holy, like the ancient concept of the music of the spheres finally realized?

I know - I didn't really believe it either. All I can say is, listen for yourself. There is something otherworldly going on here.

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