Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happiest music ever

Ok, I have a confession to make: I have been listening to the Hairspray soundtrack pretty much nonstop all month. I saw the movie on a lark thinking it would be a cute Friday night diversion and absolutely fell in love with its delightful camp, beautifully retro visuals and infectious happiness.

After seeing the movie twice in the theater, I finally broke down and bought the soundtrack and it's been in rotation in my life ever since. (It doesn't hurt that breakout star Nikki Blonsky is flawless in the lead role and her voice is SO strong and warm and full of character.)

You absolutely can't listen to this soundtrack without getting happier than when you started. Even the trailer makes me happy!

Here's a favorite song from the soundtrack, "Welcome to the 60s" (I absolutely cannot hear John Travolta singing "I'm the cutest chickie that you ever did see" without smiling):

It's not hip, it's not indie, it's not cutting-edge. But it's irresistible! And remember the mantra of this blog: No snobbery allowed.

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