Thursday, May 24, 2007

More great Americana rock 'n roll

In the liner notes to Gold (see previous post), Ryan Adams thanks, among many others, the Old 97s. So I dug out the only 97s album I own, Satellite Rides, and gave it another listen, and I'll be damned if Ryan Adams isn't right - this album makes an excellent companion to Gold. Released in 2001, the same year Adams released Gold, Satellite Rides is the Old 97s at the top of their game. (And bonus points for the retro-cool packaging.)

The AMG says: "...There really isn't a lackluster performance here... The Old 97s sound is organic and natural, and on Satellite Rides they find the perfect balance between their roots in rugged (alt)country and pure chiming pop."

For me, there isn't a bad song on the album, but favorites include "King of All the World,"Rollerskate Skinny," "Bird in a Cage," and "Designs on You."

if you like what you hear, check out lead singer Rhett Miller's solo album The Instigator - also very good and in the Americana rock 'n roll theme.

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