Friday, January 19, 2007

Nodding in agreement

Remember a few posts back when I mentioned re-discovering some of the more "deep-cut" Beatles' songs?

Well, Bob Lefsetz agrees with me! Who is Bob Lefsetz, you ask? Apparently, he is a Santa-Monica based music industry legend.

Here he describes the moment when he and an acquaintance discover a mutual love of the lesser-known Beatles' songs:

"Then I’m singing 'I’ll Follow The Sun'. And then replicating every note of the intro of "I Feel Fine". It’s Beatlemania all over again!

We both know every lick, every word. It’s been forty years, but there’s been no act like this since. Oh, there have been good songs, but that’s all they were, songs. The Beatle numbers were exquisite jewels, they weren’t throwaways, they had harmonies, changes, they were works of genius...

I focus in on 'Help'. With all its overlooked tracks. Like 'I Need You' and The Night Before'. And, of course, 'You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away'."

Ben over at Amazon uses this story to make a good point about the beauty of whole albums that's worth checking out.

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