Sunday, November 02, 2008

Everything leaves a mark

I've been holding off writing about Pictures and Sound, the latest project from former Blue Merle lead Luke Reynolds, because the sound sort of defies description or categorization. There's a big element of New Wave in the shiny, electro-laden arrangements, but the foundation is pure pop/singer-songwriter, reinforced by Reynolds' organic voice. There's a touch of punk ("The Last Ocean,") a little soul ("It's You,") some electro synth-pop ("100 Directions,") even a hint of Western country ("Every War.") The result is an album that has the cutting-edge sound that makes soundtrack editors swoon - deceptively addictive ear candy, packaged in layers of complexity.

Listen to a few tracks on Pictures and Sound's MySpace Page. This is music that gets under your skin after a few listens, so give it some time to sink in. And then just try to stop listening... it's nearly impossible.

Oh, and...: Thanks to the September Paste sampler for introducing me to this band!

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