Tuesday, December 04, 2007

LTF Playlist: Best of 2007

Remember back in the beginning of the year when my motto was "I heart 2007"? Well, now that we're in the home stretch, I can say with some authority that it has been a pretty good year for music. As the year-end lists start rolling in, I thought a new playlist might be a good idea, so with a lot of help from Paste's "Best of 2007" issue (I know, I'm obsessed right now,) I made a a new LTF Playlist that hits a lot of the highlights from the past 11 months. Artists include Amy Winehouse, Bright Eyes, Bruce Springsteen, Feist, Iron and Wine, Josh Ritter, PJ Harvey, the Shins... and yes, even Kanye West made it on there.

Cue it up at right and see if you find something new to love. I bet you will!

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