Saturday, December 22, 2007

All That I Want

Have you seen that charming JC Penney commercial where people are shopping on an idyllic street in the snow and a folky Christmas song about ships in a harbor is playing? Well that song is "All That I Want" by an awesome folk duo, The Weepies.

And over at, you can listen to an excellent live show they did back in 2004 in Cleveland. (Unlike in the past, now you can stream it right there on the page - SO convenient!) The show is excellent - a good, long setlist, excellent sound quality and cute between-song banter. (If they sound like an extra chummy folk duo, that's because shortly after they met and formed the Weepies, they also fell in love. In fact, just a few months ago, they had a baby! For their full bio, which is ADORABLE, visit their MySpace page.)

Highlights of the concert include "How Will He Find Me," "I've Got To Have You," "Vegas Baby" and the positively charming "All That I Want," which is destined to become a new Christmas classic.

Happy holidays!

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