Friday, October 05, 2007

JPP Review: Bruce Hornsby, Halcyon Days

This week's review is up at Just Press Play. This week, I chose Bruce Hornsby's 2004 release, Halcyon Days.

The first paragraph:

Bruce Hornsby may be a constant staple of the adult alternative charts thanks to his 1986 debut album which featured the smash hit "The Way It is," but don't try to box him too tightly - with each subsequent release, Hornsby has introduced a wider variety of influences on his albums, culminating in a collaboration this year with country legend Ricky Skaggs. On his 2005 solo release, Halcyon Days, there is a noticeable pastiche of styles, revealing the influence of everything from bluegrass to cabaret and musical theater to country, all rooted in the warm likability of the adult alternative Hornsby has always been famous for.

For the rest, go here.

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