Tuesday, October 16, 2007

JPP Review: Belle & Sebastian, The Life Pursuit

I was gratified to see that people are digging my latest review over at Just Press Play - literally. (Last I checked, it had two diggs.)

What's the topic this week? The Life Pursuit, by Belle & Sebastian. As usual, the first 'graph:

In a topsy turvy music world where traditional "indie" artists are as likely to have major label record deals as pop royalty, definiting musical genres is quickly becoming useless. That said, Belle and Sebastian are as close to indie music behemoths as it gets, and this reputation has been built (sometimes by the band itself and sometimes by fan-created mythology) on Belle and Sebastian's trailblazing blur of musical styles. This is the true hallmark of modern "indie" music - not how big or small the record label, not how organic or contrived the trajectory of fame, not how earnest or slick the intention, but the sheer volume of musical influences evidenced in the sound.

For the rest, go here.

And, as a bonus, here is the video for my favorite song on the album (well, at least, this week's favorite), "Funny Little Frog":

And, for good measure, a former favorite, "Blues are Still Blue":

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