Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kickin' Down the Cobblestones in Folk Alley

I always say there's nothing better than a mandolin in the morning.

Even though I'm having a fairly cranky day, this holds true - the luminous WXPN out of the University of Pennsylvania managed to put a smile on my face with their "Folk Alley" channel. They describe it this way:

"Folk Alley is XPN's NEW 24/7 music stream featuring a blend of singer-songwriter, Celtic, acoustic, Americana, traditional and world sounds. It is produced by WKSU in Kent, Ohio." (Having lived in Ohio for 4 years, I had to appreciate the shout-out.)

Just heard a few hysterical anti-Administration songs by Christine Lavin ("The Liar Sleeps Tonight" was particularly amusing) and a song from the Once soundtrack.

Cue it up and enjoy!

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