Monday, December 18, 2006

Totally blown away

I don't remember the last time a new album literally took my breath away - it only happens a few times a year at best, and I listen to lots of music. But Imogen Heap's album Speak for Yourself did just that. It literally left me gasping, my heart racing - it is falling-in-love fantastic.

Her sound is totally unique. It's like the musical equivalent of a Russian palace - lush, exotic, orchestral melodies rising above a sparse and extreme foundation. You can almost hear the snow falling in the background. Totally mesmerizing.

Highlights include the pop-ish "Good Night and Go" (featuring my favorite lyrics of the season: "Why'd you have to be so cute?/ It's impossible to ignore you/ Must you make me laugh so much?/ It's bad enough we get along so well") as well as the transcendentally beautiful "Hide and Seek" - a multi-tracked a capella epiphany that is nothing short of sublime.

No wonder she's nominated for the best new artist Grammy.

Update: Listen to "Hide and Seek" in its entirety on Heap's MySpace page.

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Michael said...

I love this CD. Everytime I put it on and those wistful notes chime on the opening track I get so happy. I'm so glad more and more people are coming to know the genious that is Imogen Heap.

By the way, mashups AND dancing penguins in one movie? Why didn't I know about this before?