Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mission statement

Did you ever have a friend that always had great music recommendations, always knew the next hot band before anyone had heard of them, or loved a classic album that suddenly sounded amazingly fresh?

Welcome to Lost Things Found, the online version of that friend.

This is not a hipster music-critic blog. I'm not that interested in the newest indie buzz bands unless the music is amazing, and no matter how overexposed a song is ... a good song is a good song. I will defend the vocal harmonies of N'Sync to this day. People who love music, who really love music, know that there is no such thing as bad music.

So here is where you will find a collection of artists, songs, albums and micellaneous music-related news that ignores what is hip to bring you what is good.

I believe that every endeavor needs a mission statement, so here are a few guiding principles to get us started:

1. There is no such thing as bad music, only music whose time hasn't come yet ... or whose time passed a long, long time ago.

2. "Music - if it sounds good, it is good." - Duke Ellington

3. Good music can turn up anywhere, from television shows and mainstream radio to dollar vinyl bins at flea markets and rummage sales.

4. You can appreciate something about a song, album or artist without actually 'liking' that song, album or artist.

5. Music taste is always changing, so something that sounded stale or avant garde last month may suddenly sound revolutionary. Constantly re-evaluate.

So keep your eye on Lost Things Found for all things music-related ... and feel free to add your own opinions and recommendations, too.

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